What We Offer

Color-Brave Conversations©

Books are a great way a way to invite people into difficult conversations. Our Color-Brave Conversations© allow people to tackle hard-hitting content effectively and creates space for authentic engagement. Participants read a book together for three months. Each month, the “book club” members gather to discuss the content with a facilitator. Let QUAD educate you.

Recruitment & Retainment Workshops©

In this 2-hour workshop, hiring professionals and business leaders are guided through proven strategies to recruit BIPOC candidates. An assessment of the current cultural norms helps to identify the specific recruitment/retention challenges. Learn how shared language can be a barrier to attracting BIPOC candidates. Learn to combine that language with accountability to create a welcoming environment where those who are different; will want to become a part of and where they will have the opportunities to search for or build a career. The facilitators and participants create a personalized strategy for success and accountability. Let QUAD guide you.

Bystander To Upstander Workshops©

 What do you do when you witness discrimination? At work? At home? In Public? This 2-hour workshop teaches upstanders strategies to safely interrupt discrimination wherever and whenever it occurs. Let QUAD empower you.

Racial Literacy Workshops©

We talk about race all the time, but what is it? Who defined it? Why understanding race from a historical perspective is how we begin to dismantle racism. This 2-hour module is for participants who are new to the equity space and conversation. It introduces vocabulary (i.e., equity versus equality) and provides real-life scenarios for participants to practice alternative strategies for responding to them. Let QUAD inform you.

Inclusivi’tea’ Talks©

Quad delivers curated, bite-sized DEI content and a thought-provoking question for each designed to promote meaningful dialog to further CAP’s DEI initiatives and to demonstrate its commitment to creating a culturally-competent space that supports equity. Inclusivi’tea’ Talks’© content examples include videos, photos, historical facts, quotes, movie titles, book titles, etc. The content is available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Let QUAD support you.

Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI)®

The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI)® is the premier cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence that is used by thousands of individuals and organizations to build intercultural competence to achieve international and domestic diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes. Let QUAD develop you.

Keys To Successful White Followership Workshops©

Predominately White Institutions (PWIs) often seek to support BIPOC populations, but these initiatives often fail. Why? PWIs often want to lead these initiatives. This approach can silence the BIPOC participants of their power and dignity. There is a better way. This 2-hour workshop helps PWIs understand how to design a meaningful strategy in support. Let QUAD assist you.

Custom Workshops

We offer custom workshops designed to support your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion needs. Contact us to discuss your custom workshop.

Working with Tracey to do a Intercultural Development Inventory of our small arts non-profit based in West Michigan has been a terrific experience. Through our work with Tracey, we have developed both individual and organizational goals to increase our understanding of cultural differences and commonalities. We feel prepared to continue this work as an organization and are fired up to shared what we learned with our entire community. Tracey is extremely patient, knowledgeable, and honest, and we look forward to working more with her in the future! – Erin P., QUAD DEI Client